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Cozy living 

Cozy living Copenhagen is a young interior brand introducing a unique and cozy lifestyle with outstanding look and feel.

The foundation of our designs is characterized by our Nordic roots where material and aesthetics are in focus. We care for handmade details, softness in fabrics and love the beauty of the different structures natures supply.


Bahne Interior is Bahne's own design brand, which has a wide range for the entire home. Our goal is to design products that meet the trend of the time, in terms of material selection, colors and style. Bahne Interior launches 2 trend collections every year. 

Bahne Interior is a great mix of trends and quirky details that give you plenty of opportunity to create your own personal and individual expression in the home. Whether you are looking for wellness products, interiors for the living room or bathroom accessories, this can be found at Bahne Interior.

Margit Brandt

Welcome to the universe of Margit Brandt - luxurious and delicious hotel atmosphere. Margit Brandt is innovative with her design, designed exclusively for Bahne. 

Margit Brandt has been known and loved for her designs since the mid-1960s. She is a design icon in Denmark and internationally. Whether she has designed a coat, a bowl or a pair of glasses, it has been based on the philosophy that in addition to being functional, the individual thing must also be chic, beautifying and special. She has also been able to create products that were at once timeless and ultra-modern, classic and trend-creating. She has always received recognition and awards for her career, which is why she has an audience who still loves her designs. 


In 2007, a short red-haired young boy traveled from Svaneke on Bornholm to Copenhagen bringing his secret recipe of the best pizza dough of the world with the wish to spread pizza benevolence and smile to all Danes. 

The boy from Bornholm found 5 good friends, who were as crazy with his pizza as they were with all good qualities from Italy: Wine, specialties, and good food ingredients. The 6 friends have built up Gorm’s restaurants – starting with 1 restaurant in 2008 to today’s 13 successful restaurants all over Denmark including a small restaurant in Nagasaki in Japan – and more to come. 

It is the passion for the northern Italian kitchen and the endless, curious exploration of the possibilities of one of the most classic food – the pizza – which is the motive power behind Gorm’s team. 

Miss Étoile

Miss Étoile is Danish interior and design that is world famous for their creative and personal style. Their collections are filled with soft pastels combined with black lines, which give a completely unique look.

At Miss Étoile, the starting point for any part of the collection is that it must be interesting, functional and can be combined crosswise, so that you can express your own personal style. Miss Étoile is a lifestyle brand that perfectly combines the modern, creative and feminine style with a more colorful universe. All their designs are designed with care, to best express Miss Étoile's passion for colors and details.

One of Miss Étoile's characteristics is, among other things, the eyes that appear on a large part of their ceramic collections. These eyes - both open and closed - have been a big part of Miss Étoile's DNA since the brand's inception. Therefore, it is also with pride that every season they recreate the collections in new exciting designs and interpretations.