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GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) guarantees organic products healthy for you and the environment including 
fair working conditions free from harmful chemicals from harvest to manufacture including finishing processes. GOTS 
also guarantees that the disposal of waste is handled in a proper way. Strict guidelines as to appropriate working hours 
and working conditions, livable wages, and no child labour. 

For further information: www.global-standard.org.


OEKO-Tex Standard 100 is a global program for screening of harmful substances in consumer textiles. Products with the OEKO-tex label are 100% free from harmful substances including toxins and irritants.


Fairtrade is an international labeling scheme that works to ensure that farmers and workers in some of the world's poorest countries get a fairer income and better working conditions. At the same time, the environment is taken into account in production. Choose Fairtrade and help change the world. One purchase at a time.

FSC certifications

FSC is the environmental label for responsible forestry and helps to secure nature, social working conditions and a guarantee that no more wood is cut than the forest can regenerate. Products with the FSC label ensure that FSC-certified wood originates from sustainable forestry, where the environment, wildlife, employees and the local area are taken into account. This therefore means that when you choose FSC wood, you are not only supporting nature, but also the local population who work with forestry.