Cancer affects every third Dane, which makes us all relatives. We all come - in some way and at some point in our own lives - in contact with cancer. A disease that kills 42 Danes every day. Today, approx. 284,971 Danes live with a cancer diagnosis. The good news is that the majority survive the cancer. But let us put the barren a little higher. Fewer ones will get cancer, and more will survive. Every year the Danish TV-station TV2 and the Danish organization “Kræftens Bekæmpelse” dedicate week 43 to fight cancer! Week 43 is about information and fundraising. Saturday, October 27th. at 19.45 TV2 will throw a big fundraising show. Individuals, companies, sports teams, organizations etc. donate to the cause, and we sincerely hope, that everyone will support this matter. Lets break cancer together!
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