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The Homeliness collection

Home interior is a collection of signs - a kind of a live narrative - about the residents.
A home is only a home if somebody feel it is. It is where you feel free, safe, comfortable and where you have your personal items. It os where you relax, are able to retreat and where you may socialize.

It is with great pleasure i am welcoming you to our Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection where each product is designed with special care for making you feel even more at home.

Most of the collection is handcrafted to achieve soul and personality through out the collection.

This season offers a range of homely textile designs and qualities such as velvet qualities for the softness, color richness and extreme comfort; stonewashed linen for its relaxed and understated feeling and hand embroidered cushions, handwoven throws and rugs each with its own uniqueness.

I like when products do not look too new - therefore, we offer a range of patinated metal trays, platters and flowerpots that makes it easy to create personal stillebens with your favourite décor or our mouth blown glass vases that will look amazing with flowers in season.

In the furniture range we offer beautilful and very comfortable upholstered velvet products, handmade metal furniture such as small tables, bar cart and console tables all suitable for creating personal and homely areas. Also, our round concrete dining table that, with our soft and comfortable velvet Sander armchairs around, invites to socialize. There is always room for an extra person at a round table. Eating together and the feeling of inclusion is for sure a shortcut to homeliness.

Natural dark and deep colors like Grape, Navy, Grey, Petrol and Green are a nice dark contrast to lighter tones such as Mustard and Rose. Beautiful color combinations within those tones are inviting to cozyness and relaxation.

We encourage you to mix your old interior with the new, as it is through the contrast between the old and the new, the soft and the hard, the dark and the light that the most interesting, cozy and homely atmosphere will appear.

Welcome to our cozy lifestyle!

Line Nevers Krabbenhøft - Designer

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